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Growers of Deciduous and Citrus Fruit Trees and Vines for the American Southwest

Providing high quality Fruit Trees and Vines for Commercial Orchard's and Vineyards through out the American Southwest

Since the 1960's we have owned and operated fruit tree orchards and have a clear passion for producing fruits to feed Cities, States or even Countries. Not only are we a full "Hands On" grower but we've been providing Support for small and medium size farms through the West Coast. Our Primary Goal is to help our Customers Succeed.
Arizona Grown
Arizona is unique in our seasons, because of this we can provide your container grown Trees or Vines at almost any time of year for your Orchard or Vineyard Plantings.
We are the only Nursery in the State that Grows Deciduous Fruit Trees and Vines Locally. You can follow your Order from the day we start Growing it to the Day You Plant it.
We Maintain a full Community Forum as a Support Method for our Customers. Have Questions? Ask them there. You Must have a Customer ID Number for Access.

New Orchards or Vineyards, Both Large or Small

High Density? Free Standing? It doesn't matter to us, we've designed and planted all types. Weather your growing for fresh markets or for Commercial Packing or for Processing we produce the Tree or Vine for your area that can provide the Yield per Acre that's needed for being a sucessful operation. We take careful consideration in growing a select rootstock for grafting the type of fruit your growing in the land your producing on.

The Foundation

The most important part of your Orchard or Vineyard is the Root Stock that you use for the product you're producing. Considering we grow our material locally we normally have an inventory of suitable under stock available depending on the size of the order. Everything is Container Grown from the first step in our Propagation Method to the Delivery of your Order.

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