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Apple Trees

Some say that the Apple is America's Fruit. Maybe that's true America Grow's and Consumes thousand's of tonne's each year but the Origin might be a little disputed. The tree originated in Central Asia and its wild ancestor, (Malus sieversii), is still found there today.
Regardless of where it originated millions of American's love the fruit, not only for it's health benefits but for its flavors and crisp snap they have when you bite into them.
We've been growing Apples since the late 1960's and have planted and manage commercial orchards through out the Western United States ever since.
Today most (if not all) orchards grow select variety's specific to their market. Over the years plant breeders have cross pollinated so many types that it seems each orchard has its own special variety. Reality is, no matter the type you want to grow, the correct root stock remains the single most important choice for your planting.
We grow a wide range of Apple's and root stock's here and for many regions of the Country. Since we propagate our own root stock and graft all our trees right here Locally, were able to help with your order from start to finish. We don't "Order In" material so were better able to control the quality of your order. If your looking to grow our trees for Small or Large Commercial Orchard Planting, or as Replacement Stock for your orchard were able to do that for you in a cost effectively and timely manner. Simply contact us for a Custom Growing Order to discuss details.
For Wholesale Nursery's, Garden Centers and Licensed Landscaper's we normally inventory our "Proven Producer's". No matter what your growing we're able to help.. They say "An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away"... I'd add "An Apple a Day Will Keep Anyone Away if you Throw Them Hard Enough". And Remember, We Provide a full Support Forum for our Customers, your Not Left Alone in your Orchard.
Dorsett Golden

Dorsett Golden

Early Season Harvest, Very Popular Variety,
Tropic Sweet

Tropic Sweet

A recent patented development by the University of Florida, with excellent sweet flavor similar to a MacIntosh apple.
Anna Apple

Anna Apple

Very Early Season, Low Chill Variety. One of the most common in Lower areas of Arizona and American Southwest Deserts.