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Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10

I was originally on the bare root band wagon and I planted several bare root fruit trees as well as a few from another local crazy overpriced nursery. I now feel like an uneducated twit as every single tree I have purchased from RSI has surpassed the size and production of the trees I have purchased elsewhere. I am now replacing many of my other trees with RSI trees. As an example a citrus I purchased from RSI not even 2 years ago is now larger and outperforming a similar variety citrus I purchased at a large multi location nursery six years ago. and I paid five times as much for the other tree, the money and time wasted is staggering to think about. I now tell all of my friends, don't waste your time any where else, even if you think it is cheaper, it is not, even a longer drive is well worth it!

Michael McNeilis , Home gardener

We are a new 20 acre orchard slowly coming to fruition...pun totally intended. We exclusively use RSI trees because we know they will outperform any other tree supplier. RSI Growers use rootstock specifically for our soil type. We don't dig huge holes and amend our soil. We use a tractor and auger, drill a hole and drop RSI trees into our native soil and the trees thrive where big box trees and trees shipped in from out of state have under performed, became diseased or died. RSI Growers and Reid's extensive knowledge has been a huge help in our success up to this point and will be important to our future success. If you are looking for fruit trees for your yard or commercial operation, get it from RSI Growers and you will get a healthy tree that grows faster and produces more than any other.

Greg and Liberty Hernly , Double Barrel Farm

I learned of RSI from a gentleman I bought compost from, he told me how two apple trees he bought had produced 500 pounds of apples their third year in ground. I have bought trees from various sources before seeing the difference in RSI trees. Last year (2017) I bought a Fruit Tree from the ARFG bareroot sale in Feb. a Dave Wilson Tree. I also bought a 5 gal. Fruit Tree of the same type RSI Growers ($20). The bareroot tree was a lot bigger than the RSI tree. I planted them about 20' apart with same sun exposure, same fertilizer and same water schedule. The RSI tree is more than four times the size of the bareroot Dave Wilson tree and starting to bloom. The performance difference between these two trees is mind boggling. I also have a RSI peach, two plums, two apple and three pomegranates. RSI's trees have out grown all of the trees I have from other sources. I anxiously await this season as it will be the first fruiting from my trees. The RSI trees are preparing to provide lots more fruit than my other trees. I think anyone that gets their trees from any source other than RSI is going to be disappointed. Reid has a real passion for his work of growing, grafting and providing a quality tree. His prices are better than any place else and his product is far superior! He has an unbelievable amout of first hand knowledge that he gladly shares. I wish more people knew about the superior quality of RSI's Trees as they are far better than any others. Hopefully through word of mouth we can get RSI Growers the recognition they so rightfully deserves. Anyone that wants to see the Fruit Tree comparison contact me. RSI is the Best !!

Mark MacCleary , (602) 565-2122

I planted two big box store plum trees about 8 years ago. They were over 6' tall. No plums in all that time. One died last summer. I planted a much smaller RSI Peach and Apple 16 months ago and got fruit the last spring--no waiting 3-5 years for them to produce. They survived 120 degree heat. RSI knows what he is doing. He grows on stock that actually performs in the desert. He is happy to provide you with the knowledge you need to get things growing, plus you don't have to hunt someone down who will help you.

Jan Harrison

We’ve planted many fruit trees in our yard in Chandler, AZ. When we discovered RSI trees, we noticed a difference... The RSI trees are growing faster and having no issues compared to the trees from Big box stores and Dave Wilson nursery! They have the best rootstock for AZ. I only wish we knew about RSI before we got the other trees! I cannot recommend RSI enough!

Kate Zielinski

RSI growers has the BEST rootstocks around. I bought my house 5 years ago and immediately bought some trees from a tree purchase fundraiser hoping for a nice peach tree to grow ~8 feet and provide a good visual in my front yard. The trees struggled... never really making it more that 5 feet tall, and 1 inch thick.

About 2 years ago I bought a few trees from RSI growers. Their trees took off like weeds! They're immense, already having 4 inch diameter trunks and producing like crazy.

I'm on a large lot, so wanted to have full size trees. This is exactly what I was looking for. I now try to just buy from him... just wish his trees were more available down here in the southeast valley :)

Trevor Ray

I heard about RSI while browsing on Craigslist for citrus trees. I met Reid (the owner, grower,accountant, secretary and cashier) on my first visit to inquire about which type of citrus trees would be best for me. I asked a lot of questions and I've always found him to be wealth of knowledge, as well as honest and straight forward with his answers. There is never any pressure to buy anything from him and he would talk with you all day, but you realize very quickly his time is very valuable. He always makes time for me and tries to help me in any way he can. I have purchased 5 trees (apple and citrus) from him and all have done very well, even with me overdoing everything! His trees are always bigger then what you get in a big box store or anywhere else and the price can't be beat! My neighbors purchased their citrus and peach trees from a big box store before I got mine and they had one orange the first year and have had no peaches or oranges since!! Theirs have been in the ground for about 3 years!! I'm so glad I didn't buy from a big box store...mine are 3 times the size of theirs and producing fruit after only about a year in the ground. Once you buy from RSI you won't buy anywhere else!

JL , Arizona TV Works 623-255-5631