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Most never thought of growing a Pear in the American Southwest. Most people are usually surprised of the Pears we grow here, not only the Popular Asian Pears, also called Apple Pears, but traditional European Types also.
As with any of our trees, proper culture practices are necessary to produce a quality crop. It's not that hard to do, follow our Customer Support Forums for details on any of the varieties we grow.
Were always looking for fruit types that will be able to produce a Commercially viable crop in the deserts of the American Southwest. We have found a few types that are rare and some that you wont find any place else.
Remember, If any of the Products Listed Below show "Out Of Stock" It doesn't mean we don't have the item,, it normally means their still in a Propagation Stage and aren't ready for sale or up to our standards. Simply click "Add to Wish List" and once we update the inventory you'll receive a mail letting you know the items are ready for sale.
Waddell Giant

Waddell Giant

Waddell Pears are a Arizona Grown, Delicious Firm Sweet Large Fruit. Discovered by Natural Pollination and Propagated by us for a growing market.
20th Century

20th Century

Familiar Asian Pear that's a good producer in the Lower Deserts of the American Southwest.
Seckel Pear

Seckel Pear

Seckel Pear, also referred to as "Sugar Pear"