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Plum Trees

All the Plum Trees offered are grown right here locally. Starting with a specific root stock just for the conditions and soils of the American Southwest, we propagate each tree then graft each fruit tree offered.
Our Trees have always been Container Grown, from the day they come out of the greenhouse's to the day their Delivered. All our Plum Trees can be planted any time of year and will have a fully developed root system to insure your trees health.
Weather your planting a full orchard or Adding Plums to a landscape we've selected the best types for yields and disease resistance. If you grow for a U-Pick Orchard or use Plums for Fresh Market Sales or maybe you just like to make Jam's and Jellies we have they varieties you'll enjoy.
Considering we grow all our Plum Trees from Day One we normally have a full inventory to supply any needs that customers might have. If you select any Plum Type from the list and see that it is "Out of Stock" that might not mean we don't have them,, It might just be that the varity your looking at isn't ready for sale Yet. Simply click "Add to Wish List" and when the inventory is ready for sale it will send you a mail notifying you their ready. As Always, we provide Support for our Customers through the Support Forum, if you have questions on "How To" or "Why" post them on the Forums.