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Soil Moist

Soil Moist Polymers

Soil Moist polymers reduce watering by 50% in many container growing environments, Easy to use, Safe and Environmentally Friendly Granules have helped many gardeners produce healthy Plants.
Also available with a Fertilizer added to the Soil Moist Plus Granules so you'll be feeding your plants with a slow released fertilizer.

Soil Moist Granular

Soil Moist Granular

Granular Polymer for reducing watering by 50% in gardens and container growing
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Soil Moist Mycorrhizal

Soil Moist Mycorrhizal

Soil Moist Flower & Garden Plus
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Soil Moist Plus

Soil Moist Plus

Soil Moist Plus with a Slow Release 7-7-7 Fertilizer,